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What can I expect from a consultation?

Clients are asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning symptoms and any current medication. You will need to allow about an hour for the consultation in which any specific health concerns will be discussed in more detail following the results of a simple, painless test.

Easily achievable goals will be set which we mutually agree on, whilst taking into account your specific needs, medical history and health concerns. You will also be advised on any supplements that may be relevant to your particular needs, helping to support you and your body back to health.

What does an intolerance test involve?

Using the very latest technology Gillian will test for over 85 different substances including a wide range of common foods, drinks, dust, pollen, pet hair, E-Numbers, additives etc. The procedure provides instant results and is quick, non-invasive and painless.

Following the test Gillian will advise you on how best to eliminate harmful food from your diet and will provide you with information on safe nutritional alternatives whilst following an elimination programme.

A sheet with full information of what has been tested, what is advised for avoiding and general nutritional advice is given to the client for future reference.

Food Intolerance NI must point out that this test is an alternative, complimentary advice approach, and is not a medical diagnosis; and is used to pinpoint potential foods that may be causing you problems. It has an accuracy rate of 75 - 80%, but the elimination diet is known to have an accuracy rate of 100%.  
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Who can be tested?

This test is suitable for anyone, however Food Intolerance NI must point out that clients with a pacemaker should have had a recent satisfactory pacemaker check and must inform your therapist, Gillian.

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